These Two Boys

These two boys. They have no idea the amount of joy and love they’ve brought with them into this world.

They don’t yet know that their moms spent their childhood together. They don’t know that it all started because one of us decided to sit next to the other on the bus, as it huffed toward school that first day of kindergarten. They don’t know the number of sleepovers, Mariah Carey lip syncs, or the amount of times that we both declared an undying love for A-Rod.

They don’t know that we were there for eachother during the brutal adolescent years. Through the acne, boy crushes, heartbreaks, and poor fashion choices.

They don’t know that we were in each other’s wedding party and that we gave speeches, read poetry, and said “cheers,” to lifelong happiness. They don’t know the tears that were shed when our hearts desired to be moms so badly. Or, the sheer joy we felt when we met one another’s babes and we finally were.  They don’t know the delight that our hearts experience when we see our children talking, playing, hugging or interacting together.

But they do know that walking with a friend and splashing in puddles is pretty much the best thing ever.


Your mom is one of the kindest, most thoughtful souls I have ever met. You bring her more joy than you could possibly know. She was meant to be your mother. Her heart couldn’t have been more ready for you. And just as she has always been there for me, she will always be there for you.

She is smart, so smart. Brilliant. She’s got the best sense of humor and can effortlessly exchange banter with the best of them. 

Sometimes your mom and I go for a stretch of time without talking or seeing one another. Life just gets in the way. However, we have known each other for decades, and the bond that was made all those years ago, will always remain.

With Love,


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